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Upcoming Events

March 20 - April 18
The Most Deserving

In a backwater Kansas town, the art commission is awarded $20,000 to give to a local artist of its choice. Who to give it to? In... read more »

April 30 - May 16
MAP Theatre Presents "The Feast"

Darkly funny play takes place in a reality not too different from ours -- except that all meat has been pulled from the grocery shelves by... read more »

May 2 - 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm
MAP's The Feast Run

May 4 - May 4
Schmeetser Soiree

An informal get together for Theater Schmeater Friends and Donors. A little bit of wine, snacks, art, and perhaps a sneak peek at the next Theater... read more »

May 4 - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Schmeester Soiree

An informal get together for Theater Schmeater friends and donors.

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The Mary Spirito Pillitteri, Vanita and Paul Mathews

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Theater Schmeater
2125 3rd Ave. Seattle, WA 98121 (206) 324-5801


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March 20 - April 18
The Most Deserving »
September 11 - October 10
Suddenly Last Summer »
5 shows for the price of 3
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Hey everyone, we've got a new Literary Manager!

Theater Schmeater is pleased to announce that local playwright/writer/director John Longenbaugh will be the theater's new Literary Manager.

Longenbaugh, director of the Schmee's current production of...

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The Most Deserving

Our new show, The Most Deserving by Catherine Trieschmann is a gentle comedy about the complexities of art, not just as an aesthetic issue, but as...

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Questionable Content Episode 4

Tonight we open our 4th installment of Questionable Content, our late night panel show. New contestants, new games, and hopefully some new audience. Come on down...

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